What we do – and how we do it

Research, strategizing and executing of search engine optimization

With more than a half a decade combined experience in the Search engine optimization (SEO) industry we have consilidated our powers into this company – Cosmena AB.

Brands seldomly have the time, human capital or the will to do what is needed to reach the searching consumer. So we do it for the consumers instead, and take a commission for doing the research, publishing and optimizing that is needed to rank the serps.

Quality of content VS Quantity of content

We are firm believers that quality always trumps quantity when it comes to publishing. This is especially the case in the verticals we are active – namely affiliate marketing, native sponsorships and lead generation.

All our publishing is subject to ethical rules – or publishing principles – that we have commited to due to the need of transparency in the 21:st century.

Sustainable publishing in the 2020:s

To be successfull in the competetive landscape of 2021 that is content marketing, requires some strategical and novel thinking.

Thinking outside the box? We are not sure that the box even exists. If it does – its probably on fire.

The truth does though. We always strive to give our readers the most complete picture of the media that we are publishing – wether its an article, a review or a how to guide.

Connecting the consumer with the right brand

Value, trust and concistency is how we connect our visitors with the brands that we review and the comparisons between products and services that we perform.

We only review brands, services and companies if the consumer can have a benefit of us doing so by reading or otherwise consuming our media

Want to join the great game?

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