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Cosmenagroup is a leading publishing company in the Digital media space. We build websites and publish content in several industries such as Medtech, fintech, and insurance.

We ensure timely and accurate publishing and content with the highest ROI for advertisers and benefit for the consumer. As an established media publishing company, we continuously streamline our processes to get the most amount of visibility to develop a robust digital presence in a given time frame.

Our company offers a welcoming and thriving environment for both junior- and senior candidates to learn and grow. As a digital publisher we are interested in pretty much anything tech-related. Come and join hands with us to explore an exciting world of opportunities! Don’t see your role in the open positions tab, but feel that we are a good fit – send us your application anyway!

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Working with Cosmenagroup not just gives you an environment to grow but also offers plenty of other benefits. We believe in taking care of our employees just like we take care of our families.

30 days of vacation per year

We seriously value the contributions of our employees to our company and offer multiple benefits with a competitive package. This includes wellness allowances, pension contributions, 30 days vacation with paid extra days for public (Swedish) holidays, pension contributions, and much more.

Transparancy with information

We believe in keeping our employees informed about the new developments, opportunities, and other company activities. For this, we regularly arrange meetings with our employees, send email newsletters, and more to share key business aspects and accomplishments.

Work-Life Balance

Achieving a work-life balance is necessary for productive and happy employees. That’s why we offer flexible job timings, and PTO plans to help employees recharge and return with refreshed bodies and minds.

A modern Working Environment

We foster cooperation, teamwork, and a fun environment at our workplace. Need to work from home for a while? – No problemo and no questions asked.

Even while working remotely – as many of us do – we collaborate and work as a close-knit team that shares happiness, thoughts, ideas and has fun whenever possible.

During the Covid pandemic we provided our employees with ergonimically suitable chairs and tables to have at home.

We invest in your learning

As we want our employees to grow personally and professionally, we invest in learning initiatives and provide career and personal growth opportunities. Do you want a certificate in Google analytics, Tag manager or maybe want to learn a new programming language? We will set aside the time for you to accomplish your goals.

A new take on the office

We have fully equipped and well-furnished offices in Stockholm and Uppsala. Our offices have all the amenities to facilitate a comfortable, exciting, healthy, and enjoyable working environment. We also have sporting facilities like table tennis to help our employees stay physically active and enjoy themselves during work breaks.

However, we give our employees freedom of choice. They can choose to work from the office or home wherever they feel comfortable and more productive. This means we can work with the best talent without the boundaries creating a more diverse workspace.

COVID Information

Given the COVID situation, we are not working in-office. All our employees are working remotely from home currently. We are keeping an eye on the prevailing situation to make arrangements for the safe return of our employees in a fully hygienic and sanitized environment.