Publishing Principles

Cosmena AB’s goal is to cover the topic we cover and publish as impartially and truthfully as possible with transparency against its readers, throughout all of Cosmena AB and its media platforms including, but not limited to:, and

Our purpose with these publishing principles is to strengthen our reader’s and the public’s trust in our media products and thus deliver impartial, interesting, and trustworthy articles.

1 Introduction to the document

Our interest lies in avoiding conflicts of interest or an appearance of a conflict. We work with a transparency standard, that helps people know who and what is behind every story. Our articles are written by professionals, with high knowledge within their fields, to give our readers truthful and precise information.

We are working within the Trust projects guidelines to ensure honesty, accuracy, and fairness and to restore the trusted role of the press. By doing so, it means we base our work on research, evidence, and the core ideals of journalism.

It is our policy to correct our errors, as soon as we become aware of them, or if notified as such by the public. We have made channels avalibale for the public to critique or claim errors in our texts, articles, reviews and other forms of media.

Its just to write us about your correction or concern, and we will take time to check your claims in the article – and if deemed substansiated we will correct the published media. You can contact us here.

2 The Obligations to our readers

At Cosmena – we have the ambition and highest goal to tell the full story as impartial, correct, and professional as possible. To give our readers advice and information they can trust. That is fact-checked and validated before publication.

Our only interest lies in the publication of interesting and useful topics and never misleading or disseminate inaccurate information.

We tell our readers the complete, unvarnished truth as best we can learn it, and treat our readers with fairness, and without discrimination.

This is the core of our values and obligations against our readers, and it is deep-rooted throughout our colleagues, the Cosmena media platforms, and freelancers & consultants we hire.

2.1 Neutrality

Occasionally we will review third-party products in our articles. The purpose is, first of all, to give interesting, correct and useful content to our readers attention, as well as value their life.

Cosmena AB treats advertisers as fairly and openly as it treats readers and article sources. The relationship between Cosmena AB and advertisers rests on the understanding, that topics and advertising are strictly separate.

In some cases Cosmena AB will be given a small commission or fee for link clicks (”Affiliate links”), pointing the user to these products and services, of third-party products. This commission, or size of this will not influence the rating, conclusion or other assesment of the product or servicce. In many, or perhaps even most commonly, the products and services we review does not include these commissions.

We strive for interesting and useful material for the reader as well as keeping the advertiser and reader in mind though the whole process.

2.2 Conflicts of interest

A conflict of interest can occur when an employee or an author of an article or topics, individual and personal interests could compromise his or her point of view, or influence the way the employee or author line of work and the decisions they make.

When dealing with conflict of interest, transparency becomes important with both actual and potentially perceived conflicts of interest. This is something we are conscious of and work to counteract.

When a conflict of interest occurs, we will scrutinize and resolve it, with prompt vigilance, as soon as it presents itself.

2.3 Sourcing of information

Our material comes from University papers and the doctoral expertise of our authors. We also use financial papers, studies, and utilize in-house competence.

Our purpose is to source precise and correct information from professionals, reliable and knowledgeable and sources.

The authors of the articles and topics have experience, knowledge, and expertise in their fields and our coworkers work closely to provide as honest and correct material as possible.

All our material will be validated and fact-checked before publishing to make sure all our topics are as reliable and truthful as possible. We are looking for interesting and informative materials and topics for our readers, as well as preserving the integrity and personality of the writer. 

Our sources of information come from different authors. With that comes different personalities, opinions, and perspectives. This is something we welcome at Cosmena AB and hope to preserve.

Sources, authors, and journalists will be mentioned in each article, and get credit for their work.

2.4 General Data Protection Regulation

We work within the regulations of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) to ensure security and protection. All information collected, will be stored in regulation with GDPR.

We will do our part to keep your information safe and protected.

2.5 Compliance with the Trust project guidelines

Validation of all sources, articles, and topics will always be key to great journalism, and a serious, and significant matter to us as Cosmena AB, which we take pride in sustaining.

It is extremely important to us, to keep the honest and reliable press to the highest standard, and to tell the full story as impartial, correct, and professional as possible. To give our readers advice and information that can be trusted. Therefore, we work in the guidelines of The trust project, to ensure that all our articles are validated correctly.

The trust project work with a global transparency standard that we are working to uphold, to ensure that there is easy access to articles and topics that are honest, accurate, and fair.

2.6 Actionable review

It is with great importance to us that all our articles are correct and valid. It is our policy to correct our errors, as soon as we become aware of them. We appreciate all feedback on all of our topics and welcome all opinions. Please be respectful, without intrusion and defamation.

If mistakes are found in any of our topics or articles, we will retract, and amend them immediately.

If you think you found any fault on our part, please let us know by writing to us or contact us in any other way, and we will look into it. Let us know your sources of information and we will have it validated and retracted and rectify them immediately.

We place great importance in creating interesting articles and topics, that are as truthful, errorless, and fair as possible, both for the author and the reader, With that in mind, we will correct any mistakes, found in articles or topics and rewrite the material.